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Monday, April 27, 2009

MS-2002 - Will another amp hurt?


I have the MS-2002 installed and have fairly reasonable reception for being 48 miles from the major antennas. Most of the signal is orange at 4 bars and a couple at 3 bars. My question is, is it possible to amplify the MS-2002 with another amplifier maybe the AP-8275? I know a pre-amplifier is already built-in but I'd like to boost the few weaker stations. Will adding another pre-amplifier to this antenna damage any of the components?

Tech Tip:

Adding another amplifier may or may not help. If you wish to try another amplifier use an HDA-100. It is possible to over amplify the strong channels and get too much signal for the digital tuners to handle. However if that happens you can just remove the HDA-100 and nothing will be harmed.

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