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Monday, April 20, 2009

MS-2000 - Reducing signal overload


I beleive that I am suffering from signal overload on a local channel. I am about 18 miles away from the transmitter. My upstairs television with rabbit ears picks up all of the stations fine. The MS-2000 will not pick up the channel and the converter box says "No Signal". Is there an easy way to troubleshoot this, or shall I remount it in the attic? I also have the option of mounting it on the other end of the house, or putting the old splitter that fed four rooms back on it. Also, if I just disconnect the 110V signal booster/amplifier, will this work or help?

Tech Tip:

Try installing your 4-way splitter in series with your antenna signal and your converter box. The splitter should reduce your signal to the point you do not have over loading of your converter box. If you unplug the power from your MS-2000 you will have about 85% reduction to all of your TV stations.

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