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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AP amplifiers - Are they digital?


I was wondering if the Winegard AP series of amplifiers are capable of amplifying digital signals.

Tech Tip:

Yes the AP-series of preamplifiers will help your digital signal. If you are running 1 to 3 TV sets then use the AP-8700 if you are running 4 or more TV sets use the AP-8275.

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  1. I have 4 TV's connected. Only two are in use simultaneously. I'm 35 Miles from most of the TV sources in Los Angeles, CA. My rooftop Antenna receives all the available stations except 3 which are intermitant 20% of the time at about 55 to 60% signal strength. The rest of the stations are between 75% nd 85%. I've purchased a Winegard 8275 hoping to boost the signal. However, when I connect it to the antenna I get absolutely no signal at all. I've checked the cable continuity I lused for the PreAmp connection and it's OK. What can the problem be?