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Monday, April 27, 2009

MS-2002 - Will another amp hurt?


I have the MS-2002 installed and have fairly reasonable reception for being 48 miles from the major antennas. Most of the signal is orange at 4 bars and a couple at 3 bars. My question is, is it possible to amplify the MS-2002 with another amplifier maybe the AP-8275? I know a pre-amplifier is already built-in but I'd like to boost the few weaker stations. Will adding another pre-amplifier to this antenna damage any of the components?

Tech Tip:

Adding another amplifier may or may not help. If you wish to try another amplifier use an HDA-100. It is possible to over amplify the strong channels and get too much signal for the digital tuners to handle. However if that happens you can just remove the HDA-100 and nothing will be harmed.

FT-7500 - Stop FM interference


One of my local VHF stations just went digital and I'm having trouble receiving it. They tell me that they are the only VHF digital signal in our area and that the FM Radio Station signals are stepping on their signal and my indoor digital antenna won't discrimanate between the signals. I think I need an antenna with a trap to keep out Radio signals. Is this true?

Tech Tip:

I would suggest that you install a Winegard FT-7500 FM trap between the antenna and your digital TV set. It is designed to help stop FM interference.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Star Choice Becomes Shaw Direct

CALGARY, ALBERTA -- (Marketwire) -- 04/15/09 -- Shaw Communications Inc. (TSX: SJR.B) (NYSE: SJR) announced today that Star Choice, the direct to home satellite subsidiary of Shaw, has been renamed Shaw Direct. The move builds upon the extension of the brand in 2007 to include the divisions of Shaw Tracking, Shaw Business Solutions and Shaw Broadcast Services.

"The renaming of Star Choice to Shaw Direct allows us to continue to offer our customers the same outstanding service while aligning all of our product and service offerings under one single brand," said Peter Bissonnette, President, Shaw Communications Inc. "This will help us strengthen the Shaw name from coast to coast."

Customers can still contact Shaw Direct through the existing website, phone numbers and email addresses, which will all be automatically redirected.

For more information on Shaw Direct, visit SHAWDIRECT.CA.

About Shaw Communications Inc.

Shaw Communications Inc. is a diversified communications company whose core business is providing broadband cable television, High-Speed Internet, Digital Phone, telecommunications services (through Shaw Business Solutions) and satellite direct-to-home services (through Shaw Direct). The Company serves 3.4 million customers, including 1.6 million Internet and 700,000 Digital Phone customers, through a reliable and extensive network, which comprises 625,000 kilometres of fibre. Shaw is traded on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges and is included in the S&P/TSX 60 Index (TSX: SJR.B) (NYSE: SJR).


Shaw Communications Inc.

Investor Relations


Winegard Company Adds Video Selection to Website

BURLINGTON, Iowa – April 20, 2009 – Winegard Company has added a new video library to its website at The site currently includes three videos, aimed at both mobile satellite and home antenna consumers and dealers, which serve to provide installation and troubleshooting tips and answer questions.

“The video library is an excellent way to provide our customers with training and information on Winegard products” said Aaron Engberg, director, mobile products division. “We will continue to add to this video library as new topics surface, in an effort to help make our products easier to use and understand.”

Current videos are: Troubleshooting Phasing Lines; Troubleshooting a Winegard Power Supply; and Setting up a Winegard Carryout™ Portable Satellite TV Antenna. To view the videos, visit

New videos including the Winegard Wingman™ will be posted soon so be sure to check back.

About Winegard

Winegard Company has been manufacturing quality television and radio reception products for more than 50 years. Headquartered in Burlington, Iowa, Winegard enjoys a worldwide reputation that is based on many industry “firsts,” including the all-channel “Yagi” TV antenna, 82-channel antenna, antenna mounted preamplifiers, antenna amplifiers, the anodizing process, perforated aluminum satellite antenna and the RV television antenna, among others.

Winegard Company currently manufactures and markets four distinct product lines:

  • Mobile Television Reception Products: Recreational vehicle, truck, marine, and automotive applications. Digital and HD satellite TV antennas ranging from manual crank-up models to fully automatic stationary and in-motion systems with GPS/DVB. DTV and HDTV bi-directional and omni-directional over-the-air antennas. Ground Antenna Mounts and Accessories.
  • Satellite TV Antennas and Mounts: Residential antennas ranging in size from 46 cm to 1 meter, including mounts and accessories.
  • Over-the-Air DTV/HDTV Antennas: DTV and HDTV VHF/UHF/FM TV Antenna Systems, Distribution and Preamplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.
  • Telemetry: Medical and Data Antenna Systems, Distribution Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.

For technical product questions, contact Winegard Customer Service at 800-288-8094 or visit; for additional downloadable press releases and images, visit Winegard's online pressroom,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Where do I find antenna patterns?


We are looking at buying a Winegard antenna we need to see the antenna polar patterns as we are working in a signal rich environment. Where can the patterns be found?

Tech Tip:

The specification sheets for the Winegard antennas can be found on under HDT Home Antennas. Just go to the model of antenna you are interested in and click on Spec Sheet.

Will grounding increase antenna range?


My antenna system has unreliable reception. I have my antenna mounted about thirty feet in the air using 3 ten foot sections of mast joined together. Could the connection of the 3 sections of the antenna mast create a poor ground and cause me to lose signal?

Tech Tip:

A good antenna ground is important for safety, but does little for signal gain.

Maximum DTV reception to 12 tv's


I have a home antenna TV distribution system that doesn't work anymore. I don't know if my antenna or the distribution amp is bad or if I am receiving too strong an FM signal. I want to set up a system to receive as many Digital air TV stations as possible and distribute the signal to 12 TV locations. Do I need two antennas so I don't make the local channel signal too strong?Tech


Since the majority of your TV stations are over 50 miles from you the best TV antenna Winegard has to offer you is the model HD8200U along with an AP-8700 preamplifier to get the signal to your distribution point. I also suggest that you try and get your antenna at least 50-60 feet up in the air so that you have a good chance at receiving these distant channels. Digital signal will not always travel as far as analog signal therefore they will be harder to receive. You will require a TV antenna rotor to turn the antenna in a number of different directions in order to receive all the channels. At the distribution point then you most likely will require an HDA-100 distribution amplifier ahead of your splitters to build up your signal strength so that you can split the signal 12 ways.

PS-7070 - What is it's function?


I recently acquired an older Winegard PS-7070. It is 110VAC powered unit and looks like some kind of a TV signal amplifier. If so, what frequency range is it active over? What is the exact purpose of this device?

Tech Tip:

The PS-7070 is a power supply that sends 18VAC up the coax cable to power a preamplifier mounted on the antenna or an amplified TV antenna such as the MS-2000 or GS-2000. The PS-7070 by it self will not amplify any TV signals; it useless without an antenna amplifier, or an amplified antenna.

MS-2000 - Reducing signal overload


I beleive that I am suffering from signal overload on a local channel. I am about 18 miles away from the transmitter. My upstairs television with rabbit ears picks up all of the stations fine. The MS-2000 will not pick up the channel and the converter box says "No Signal". Is there an easy way to troubleshoot this, or shall I remount it in the attic? I also have the option of mounting it on the other end of the house, or putting the old splitter that fed four rooms back on it. Also, if I just disconnect the 110V signal booster/amplifier, will this work or help?

Tech Tip:

Try installing your 4-way splitter in series with your antenna signal and your converter box. The splitter should reduce your signal to the point you do not have over loading of your converter box. If you unplug the power from your MS-2000 you will have about 85% reduction to all of your TV stations.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AP amplifiers - Are they digital?


I was wondering if the Winegard AP series of amplifiers are capable of amplifying digital signals.

Tech Tip:

Yes the AP-series of preamplifiers will help your digital signal. If you are running 1 to 3 TV sets then use the AP-8700 if you are running 4 or more TV sets use the AP-8275.

HD8200U - Correct mast size


I purchased a Winegard HD8000U antenna. The instructions recommend a 2 inch OD mast. I am mounting this to a chimney and have been unable to find a strap that will accommodate the 2 inch mast. Any suggestions on where I might be able to find one?

Tech Tip:

The HD8200U antenna will fit a mast size of 1” up 2” OD. The antenna normally is mounted on a 1 1/4” mast which should fit a standard chimney mount.

Over-The-Air Music Television Networks

As the DTV transition looms ever closer and broadcast networks, over-the-air consumers and over-the-air programming continues to expand, broadcast music networks have again began to step up their programming.

Currently four broadcast music networks exist including BVM, Fuse TV, Retro Jams and MTV2. While these networks are only available in certain larger markets, they have continued to expand and in some cases with the transition become sub-channels available through other networks.

Fuse TV Network has continued to expand with multiple broadcast affiliates, new channels on DISH Network and DIRECTV and agreements with local cable networks. Fuse has added several television celebrities to its programming including WWE superstar Chris Jericho hosting "Redemption Song", a talent reality show and former American Idol contestant Jared Cotter, the host of "No. 1 Countdown: Pop".

For a list of FREE television stations and the programming available in your area, visit and enter your zip code.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How not to split DC voltage


Winegard used to offer a 4-way splitter that was DC passive on only 1 output. That way the DC power for the antenna doesn't go to the other TV's in the house. Winegard no longer seems to offer this type of splitter. What's the new solution?

Tech Tip:

The best solution is to install the power supply ahead of the splitter or the only other option you have is to place a voltage block on each of the 3 other splitter legs.

HD7698P - Wind Load information


What are the wind load specs for the Winegard HD7698P antenna? I am wondering if a regular home antenna rotor is heavy enough, or will I have to install an extra heavy duty rotor like a ham radio rotor?

Tech Tip:

At the present time we do not have the wind load for the HD7698P. The Winegard HD8200U is installed daily using a heavy duty TV antenna rotor so the HD7698P should not be a problem. Naturally a small ham antenna rotor designed to handle 10 square feet of wind loading will be much safer. The HD8200U only has 5.5 square feet of wind loading which is more than the HD7698P.

MS-2002 - How do I power it?


I just bought the MS-2002. I notice that there is an included power injector to power the antenna. However, it is very hard for me to run the power wire to connect the power supply in my backyard. How sould I connect this power injector?

Tech Tip:

The MS-2002 antenna is powered by +15VDC applied to the coax cable running from the antenna to the power injector which can be installed in the house. The wall transformer and power injector can be up to 150 feet from the antenna if you use RG6/U coax cable.

Winegard Carryout Automatic Portable Satellite Antenna

The Carryout™ fully automatic portable satellite antenna offers your favorite satellite programming in a sleek, lightweight and easily movable system. The Carryout is perfect for:

  • Tailgating

  • Cabins & Vacation Homes

  • Camping and Outdoor Activities

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • Boating

  • Satellite TV Anywhere YOU Want It!

FULLY Automatic Portable Satellite Antenna

The Carryout automatic portable satellite antenna is a true fully automatic satellite antenna. Simply turn on the Carryout and it will automatically find the satellites for you. No remote, no controls... just turn it on!

Similar automatic portable systems sell for over $1,300. Winegard has recommended a MSRP of only $899.00!

Line of site problems in your favorite RV camping spot? No problem! With a Carryout portable, there’s no need to compromise. You can keep your great camping spot and get signal too! With 50’ coax cable included, you’ll have no problem finding a spot for the Carryout portable to pull in signal.

GM-1518 Carryout™ Features

  • Automatically find satellites - no remote or controls neede
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy grip handle for effortless carrying and security
  • Standard programming: Dish Network®, Bell TV and DIRECTV®*
  • HD programming: Dish Network® and Bell TV
  • Supports up to 2 receivers
  • Dimensions: 15.6” dome height, 20” diameter
  • Unit Weight: 13.5 Pounds

*Receives standard DIRECTV programming.(Does not work with 110° for HD or KA-band satellites 99°, 103°).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Indoor antenna near an airport


I live within 10-15 miles of Chicago's O'Hare Airport and continually lose the signal due to incoming and outbound aircraft flying overhead. I do not want an outdoor antenna as I like my Winegard SS-3000. I wanted to know if there is a filter or some device that would stop this interference, or is there a specific position for the antenna that will improve reception?

Tech Tip:

I am sorry to say this problem is caused by the airplanes breaking up your signal path and there is no type of filter made to solve this problem. You might try setting the antenna closer to your window to see if you can receive a stronger signal.

How many cables should I run?


I have a satellite system & an Off-Air rooftop antenna for the local channels. They run into a combiner so there is only 1 coax going into the house. I would like to add a preamp to my amplified antenna. Is my current setup ok, or should I run a separate coax into the house for the antenna?

Tech Tip:

You will need to run a separate TV antenna line into the house. The satellite receiver most likely will not have enough current available to power both the LNB’s at the satellite antenna and a preamplifier/amplified antenna.

Which power supply is best?


I have an older antenna with a PS-9370. Since I'm in a fringe area is there a power supply that is better than my current unit?

Tech Tip:

All that a power supply does is put voltage on the line to power either the preamplifier or the amplified antenna. They do not do any amplifying. The amplifying is done by what ever unit they power. So any power supply will work the same.

How high should my mast be?


I have a steel roof with a 4/12 pitch on the building which I plan to install an antenna on. How high above the roof should the antenna be mounted?

Tech Tip:

Your antenna needs to be at least 10-12 feet above a metal roof to prevent reflected signal from getting into the bottom of the antenna.

Sensar (Batwing) - What's a Wingman?


I see that the "Wingman" is now available for Sensar applications. Will it work on all Sensar antennas old and new? We live in somewhat of a "fringe" reception area and digital signals seem to barely be reaching us. Is the Wingman a possible option for this?

Tech Tip:

The Wingman will install on any Sensar antenna we have made. The Wingman will increase the range of the Sensar for UHF by as much as 100%. The Wingman is suited to help in fringe areas. The Wingman however will NOT improve reception on VHF channels 2-13.