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Monday, April 20, 2009

Maximum DTV reception to 12 tv's


I have a home antenna TV distribution system that doesn't work anymore. I don't know if my antenna or the distribution amp is bad or if I am receiving too strong an FM signal. I want to set up a system to receive as many Digital air TV stations as possible and distribute the signal to 12 TV locations. Do I need two antennas so I don't make the local channel signal too strong?Tech


Since the majority of your TV stations are over 50 miles from you the best TV antenna Winegard has to offer you is the model HD8200U along with an AP-8700 preamplifier to get the signal to your distribution point. I also suggest that you try and get your antenna at least 50-60 feet up in the air so that you have a good chance at receiving these distant channels. Digital signal will not always travel as far as analog signal therefore they will be harder to receive. You will require a TV antenna rotor to turn the antenna in a number of different directions in order to receive all the channels. At the distribution point then you most likely will require an HDA-100 distribution amplifier ahead of your splitters to build up your signal strength so that you can split the signal 12 ways.

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