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Thursday, March 26, 2009

SS-2000 Square Shooter VHF?


I have used a variety of UHF antennas and the Square Shooter has worked the best. I still have problems picking up VHF 13 at my address. I use a rotater. Is my antenna stackable? Do you have a recommended setup? Should I use a different type antenna instead? I have used the largest available consumer antennas and they don't work as well as the square shooter.

Tech Tip:

The SS-2000 Square Shooter is basically designed to receive UHF channels 14-69. But will receive VHF channels 7-13 if the signal is strong enough. It sounds as though your channel 13 signal at approximately 33 miles is not strong enough. Do you have a digital converter box or a TV set with a digital ATSC tuner? If so do you receive channel 13.1 which is broadcasting their digital signal on channel 18 frequency? Since channel 18 is UHF you should be receiving this channel digitally.

I wish to inform you that some time between February 17TH and June 12TH channels 9, 11, and channel 13 who are now broadcasting their digital signals on UHF (channels 14-69) will shut down their analog VHF channel and then move their digital signal to their respective VHF frequency. Example channel 13 is now broadcasting their digital signal on channel 18’s UHF frequency now but after the transition they shut channel 13 VHF and move their digital signal transmission to channel 13 VHF frequency. What this means to you is that the SS-2000 Square Shooter may not receive these VHF channels as strongly as needed.

You may have to purchase a channel 7-13 antenna such as a Winegard model YA-1713 and combine it with the SS-2000 so that you have a stronger VHF signal. IF you wish to combine the YA-1713 and the SS-2000 antenna signals together you will use a UHF/VHF signal combiner. Winegard presently does not have a UHF/VHF combiner but you can find them on the internet. Or you can purchase a channel 7-69 antenna such as the Winegard model HD7697P antenna and an AP-8700 preamplifier.

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