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Thursday, March 26, 2009

8275 Pre-Amp Power Consumption


Can you please tell me what the power consumption of my Winegard 8275 pre-amp is? I am trying to use it with a one line rotor that says it will carry a +17VDC at 50mA (max)pre-amp. Is the Winegard 8275 compatible with that maximum consumption rate? Will they work together? It sure would be nice if I didn't have to run another line up on the roof.

Tech Tip:

The average power draw of the Winegard preamplifiers as follows,The AP-3700,4700,8700 2870 draw about 40-60 milliamps of current.

These are preamplifiers that have 18dB of gain or less. The AP-8275,2880,3800, 4800,8780 2880,8800, draw about 80-100 milliamps of current. These are preamplifiers that have 28dB of gain in at least one scetion of amplification.

The EAGLE ASPEN ROTOR will NOT handle the AP-8275 preamplifier since it draws too much current (80-100ma).

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